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Struggle is the only way to live for us!

Yoon Suk-yeol is about to kill all the laborers in south Korea.

Some days ago, Yoon, picking on just demonstrations of the laborers, spat something about “resolute countermeasure” and “Don’t expect anything”.

Who holds the people and their economy as a hostage?

Who the hell is the law-breaker and the blackmailer?

Yoon totally denied three rights to labor and exercised a veto on the amendment of labor union act, and he is enforcing anti-labor policy with the retrogressive revision of 69 working hours a week.

Moreover, Yoon created social uneasiness and broke public peace by openly bringing pressure upon the trade unions and drove Yang Hoe-dong martyr to death.

The main force of the industry is the laborers and trade union movement is one of the inevitables in the course of historical development.

 It is an intolerable crime of history that any political forces suppress the trade unions and their movements for the simple reason that they are not pleased with it.

The laborers of south Korea firmly announce to Yoon Suk-yeol mouthing something about “expectation”.

The oppressive anti-labor regime is completely mistaken, if it thought that pressure upon laborers and trade unions would gain anything.

Laborers have already made a clean break with Yoon.

What is left is to launch a more powerful and unyielding action to oust Yoon for laborers’ decent life and dignity, and for democracy and peace on this land.

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