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Students’ struggle against foreign forces

 The Progressive Federation of Students of South Jeonlla Province had a news conference to condemn Japan for discharging water contaminated by radioactivity outside the May 18 square.

 Japanese reactionaries play a dangerous gamble on the lives of the world people. Japan takes action beyond imagination and the US gives a green light to Japan, the organization hardened its determination to struggle until Japan gives up discharge of contaminated water.

The students in Busan launched a sit-down strike in demand of shutdown of the Japanese consulate and deportation of Japanese consul outside the Japanese consulate.

They demanded the deportation of the Japanese consul and shutdown of the Japanese consulate, shouting slogans “Japan, leave south Korea at once”, “Do you regard south Korea as your colony?”

The US is of a mind with Japan as it backs up Japan’s step, they strongly denounced.

 South Koreans of every degree condemn the Japanese reactionaries for discharging water contaminated by radioactivity


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