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Submission begets shame

     The Yoon Suk-yeol group is impatient to strengthen tripartite cooperation between the US and Japan.

In September, the ministerial meeting of foreign affairs was held in New York to discuss joint response against north Korea’s “provocation” and “threat”. The US and Japanese representatives for north Korean nuclear program had telephone meetings with south Korean counterpart to strengthen close communication and constant cooperation between them.

The south Korean authorities asserted that it is necessary to establish communication and cooperation system with the US and Japan as the situation of the world is volatile and a change is taking place in the economy and security fields.

Frightened by tremendous military clout of north Korea, south Korea is closely following in hostile policies of the US and Japan. It is last-ditch effort to veil its weakness and find a way out of dilemma.

Yoon has taken much pain to mend relations with Japan, complying with the US demand.  

He had a short meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Kishida at the UN General Assembly at the beck and call of the US and said the meeting served as a good opportunity for improvement of ties between south Korea and Japan.

Far from making a sincere reflection on the past crimes it committed against humanity, Japan has become ever more undisguised in the moves to seize Dok islet, an inviolable territory of the Korean nation.

At the same time, it is putting spurs to the process for converting Japan into a military giant and reinvasion of the Korean Peninsula with the backing of the US.  

Subservience begets disgrace.

The US and Japan regard south Korea as no more than their tools for attaining their sinister ambition.

The history of south Korean politics tells that obedience to the US and Japan cause national humiliation and escalation of insecurity and crisis.

Yoon put forward south Korea as a shock brigade for the US. It would bring tough counteraction of the neighboring nations as well as north Korea and inflict unspeakable misfortune upon the south Koreans.

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