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Submissive Relations

The Yoon Seok-yeol group of south Korea is boisterous about “alliance” between south Korea and the US.

It is loudmouthed about “working and indispensible alliance” as if it maintains friendly relations with the US.

Behind a veil of the “alliance”, south Korea is subordinated to the US through and through.

In actuality, the relationship between Seoul and Washington is the one between the master and servant.

South Korea becomes a scapegoat for “America first” and undergoes humiliation after Yoon took power.

The industries of automobile and semiconductor of south Korea have been reigned by the US. The US strikes south Korea from behind, seeking its own interests in all fields.

The above-mentioned facts prove that the US regards south Korea as no more than its servant though the Yoon clique trumpets about “enlargement” and “development” of the alliance and the unequal ties between master and servant remains unchanged.

By unilateral pursuance of the US administration advocating the “US first”, south Korea is driven to the wall and the ties between south Korea and the US is imbalanced and submissive, the south Korean mass outlets and experts commented.

The development of the alliance is an anachronistic thinking and it is a foolish deed as pricking its own eyes with its fingers, they added.

The policy being pursued by the Yoon group is a silly act of fastening its neck with noose and the economy and the public welfare will face bankruptcy.

South Koreans carry on a nationwide campaign against Yoon Seok-yeol in demand of dismantlement of the alliance.

The investigation should be halted, the NSL has been branded as an infamous anti-human rights law in the world, we will launch a vigorous action and not step back even an inch, we will punish the Yoon clique and let us wage an unflinching struggle, they said.

Meantime, the Youth Student Headquarters of the South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration held a general meeting in condemnation of anti-national moves of the Yoon gentry. It adopted a resolution calling for a strong action for peace against war.    The New Year has come, however, dark clouds of a war hang over the Korean Peninsula, the resolution said. It flailed Yoon for pushing the Korean Peninsula into the war with his hostile policy toward north Korea, while leaning on south Korea-US alliance.

The Yoon group, which is steeped in enmity toward north Korea, poses a threat to the people’s lives and safety by disturbing the public security with fabrication of spy case and suppression of pro-north Korean elements.

Time is ripe for the students to take action and it called for the students to scrap the Yoon regime’s hostile policy toward north Korea through an intense action for peace against war.

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