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Successes Made in Health Sector of DPRK

This year, the public health sector of the DPRK has introduced advanced diagnosis and treatment methods into provincial preventive and curative organs.

The Ministry of Public Health set stepwise goals and plans for introducing advanced diagnosis and treatment methods into regional hospitals from the beginning of the year and organized and conducted the work for their implementation.

Under such plans, the central-level hospitals worked out relevant technical teaching programmes and sent them to provincial preventive and curative organs, and conducted tele-education for local medical workers through telemedicine system.

Meanwhile, competent medical workers of central-level hospitals were dispatched to the provinces. They conducted the work for exchanging experience and transferring technology to help local medical workers master advanced treatment methods.

As a result, more than 800 advanced diagnosis and treatment methods were introduced into clinical practice, contributing to the improvement of the qualifications of medical workers at local hospitals.

The ministry has taken steps to introduce advanced diagnosis and treatment methods into more units and actively apply them to provincial-level preventive and curative organs.

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