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Successive victories

Chairman Kim Jong Il inspects a KPA unit
Successive victories

Now the DPRK is demonstrating its might as a full-fledged political and military power, the DPRK army and people have displayed its dignity as independent guards, and people that no one dares to provoke.

 “In the grimmest period ever witnessed in our revolution, Kim Jong Il developed the KPA into the ranks of an elite force, ensured successive victories in the unprecedented struggle to defend socialism and performed the huge historic exploit of raising the status of our country to that of a world-class military power by administering the ever-victorious Songun politics.”

This is a paragraph from the congratulatory speech Kim Jong Undelivered at the military parade held on April 15, 2012 to celebrate the 100thbirthday of President Kim Il Sung.

The DPRK army and people are looking back on the imperishable achievements made by Chairman Kim Jong Il who defended the country and nation, socialism and global peace with his Songun politics in humble reverence. 

Days and months have passed on the Korean Peninsula amid the hostile policy towards the DPRK and reckless war provocations of the US that is eagerly watching for a chance of aggression.

The DPRK was faced with unprecedented difficulties and trials in the 1990s of last century.

The US and its followers were vociferously clamoring about the “end of socialism,” taking advantage of collapse of socialism one after another in the several countries. They directed the spearhead of their anti-socialist offensive on the DPRK adhering to socialism. Washington instigated the dishonest forces of the International Atomic Agency to adopt a resolution on “special inspection” of important military targets in the DPRK, taking issue with the DPRK’s nuclear activities for peaceful purpose.  The US announced the resumption of the suspended joint military drill Team Spirit and started a large-scale maneuverability of the US troops to the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity.

The US and its followers’ offensive against the DPRK and socialism seriously endangered the sovereignty and the right to live of the country. Literally, the DPRK became a severe theater between socialism and imperialism.

When the situation of the Korean Peninsula had faced extremely dangerous phase due to the US frantic moves, Kim Jong Il declared a state of semi-war for whole country, people and army on March 8, 1993. Then the DPRK government announced that it would withdraw from the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) on March 12, the same year.

The US and its followers were thunderstruck by undaunted spirit of the Chairman. The US inked the DPRK-US Agreed Framework in which it promised to provide two light-water reactors to the DPRK and the then US President sent the assurance letter to the Chairman.

However, the US policy for isolating and strangling the DPRK were very obstinate. The US applied pressure on the DPRK, taking issue with the latter’s peaceful nuclear facilities. Meanwhile, the US made public “OPLAN 5027”, a scenario for preemptive nuclear strike against the DPRK. To cope with the situation, the DPRK proclaimed to the world that it has no option but to strengthen its nuclear deterrence. It declared to the world that the DPRK is a full-fledged nuclear state both in name and reality by conducting a successful nuclear test. 

The US and its followers were astonished by the DPRK’s strong war deterrence.

In actuality, the two rounds of nuclear showdown between the DPRK and the US that the world watched with close concern were not confrontation of the DPRK versus the US but a fierce political and military conflict between the DPRK and the US-led multi-national allied forces. In the face-off, Kim Jong Il reduced haughty Washington, styling itself the only superpower in the world, to submission before the world to defend national sovereignty.

The historic victory in the face-off with the US was an overwhelming victory that the Chairman overpowered Washington and its followers at a brush.

Thanks to energetic Songun-based revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il, the DPRK turned into a powerful world-class military giant that any formidable enemies dare not attack and displayed its dignity all over the world.

Songun politics, almighty treasured sword and victorious banner of the cause of independence, will shed its rays more brightly in the world as Marshal Kim Jong Un is successfully carrying forward the idea and cause of the preceding leaders.

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