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Suffering a side blow


South Korean mass outlets including Newsis and Yonhap News and a broad spectrum of south Koreans express their negative views on deployment of low yield nuclear weapons and introduction of NATO-style nuclear sharing claimed by the US. 

The above-said attempts would reduce the Korean Peninsula to an exhibition of nukes and nuclear war field for the powers, the mass outlets said. It is a risky idea that would lead to a nuclear war, they added.     

The security of the Northeast Asia would be destroyed and the political situation of neighbor nations would be volatile should the Korean Peninsula become like the NATO, they described. It is an action that may invite insecurity of peace order, they charged.     

If south Korea has been embroiled in the US moves, its diplomacy would be reduced to one dependent on neighbor nations and it would be driven into a pretty fix, the south Korean people of every degree commented.

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