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Suicidal act

 Recently, “strategic planning instruction” for making a plan of operations for invasion of the north was adopted by mutual consent between the south Korean military and the US.

The military had agreed on “strategic planning guide putting” forward a line of making, amending and complementing a plan of operations including military operation scenario against the north in emergency on the Korean peninsula at the end of last year.

“Strategic planning guide” says that preemptive strike on the north should be the first consideration in making, amending and complementing the operation plan.

It can be said that “strategic planning instruction” is the direction for military operations concretizing this “strategic planning guide”.

This proves once again that the present military is the follower as well as the shock force executing the war plan of the US against the north.

No one can criticize the step of the north to increase its defense capacity for safeguarding sovereignty of the state and peace.

Nevertheless, the authorities spit out even “preemptive strike” to invite a nuclear catastrophe.

However, he that seeks danger perishes therein.

Warmongers at home and abroad are doomed to bitter disgrace and destruction for their madness to invade the north.

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