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Superior election system in the globe

South Koreans are attracted by socialist system of north Korea where the working people are the masters of the state and enjoy true political right. 

Saying the election system of north Korea is a true one for the popular masses, a professor in Chuncheon of south Gangwon Province told his students:

Workers and peasants in north Korea are elected the deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly to engage in the affairs of state. Women deputies are among them. The deputies to the SPA enjoy support from the people and they work for the popular masses. 

It can be seen only in north Korea.

Therefore, the world people call north Korea a genuine country for the popular masses.

A dissident in Seoul stated that the north Koreans elect those people who work for the country and nation according to their intention as deputies to the SPA.

All citizens can take part in the election and are elected as deputies. The election in north Korea is the one for the popular masses, a politician in Busan noted.

Social system of north Korean, literally, is chosen by the working people themselves and is the one centered on the people pushing ahead the development of the state by their own efforts and with indigenous technology. No country is found in the world such as north Korea where all people are the masters of the state and society and engage in the state administration, an internet homepage wrote.

Thousands of years have passed since the politics was born and north Korea is the only country in the world where the people-centered politics is enforced, a journalist in Incheon said and continued.

The people-centered politics that humankind has craved for long time is being enforced in north Korea. North Korea is the model of politics in the 21st century and a happy land of the people where the ideal of humanity is translated into reality. I am envious of north Korea, people’s home of happiness, and the north Korean people who lead an independent life.

All citizens in north Korea take part in state administration as the genuine masters of the state and society. The working people enroll themselves in the political parties and civic organizations to lead socio-political activities freely and enjoy the benefits of the state such as free medical care and education free of fees, a professor of laws studying social system in Seoul National University told his students.

To live in a society where the people’s rights are guaranteed such as in north Korea is ardent desire of the south Koreans. 

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