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Sure to Asking for Disaster

     The Yoon Suk-yeol regime focuses its maximum diplomatic efforts on tightening the south Korea-US alliance.   

South Korea joined the US-led economic council, the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) as a founding member of it according to the agreement of the south Korea-US summit meeting.

As the US supremacy in the Indo-Pacific region has grown more intense the Yoon regime makes a cunning calculation that south Korea would not gain its profit with its policy of “dependence of security on the US and economy on China” and “strategic ambiguity”

It would spark backlash and face strong opposition from surrounding countries.

It is inevitable to accept the second aftereffect caused by deployment of THAAD.

The aftermath of omnidirectional retaliation caused by the deployment of THAAD is still obvious.

The Yoon regime has mentioned about the reciprocal respect and dignified diplomacy with the neighboring nations, but there is some possibility of serious friction.

Yoon is ignorant of the fact that the US has exploited south Korea as a shock brigade in executing the US strategy for the world supremacy.  

It is hard to imagine what a gruesome disaster would visit south Korea by Yoon.  


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