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Swimming against trend

 Now the Korean nation in the north, south and abroad is hailing the third inter-Korean summit and the adoption of Panmunjeom Declaration. But only conservative group is casting a vicious slur on it and disturbing the atmosphere of inter-Korean relations.

As for the successful Panmunjom summit meeting, the opposition Liberty Korea Party and its head Hong Joon-pyo are busying themselves in playing down its meaning and success while claiming “it is no more than the south-north camouflaged peace offensive”

The south Korean conservative group is malignantly slandering the Panmunjom Declaration published at the Panmunjom summit meeting, claiming it is “a press release written on words of the north” and “it is nothing but a feast of words.”

Not content with this, the group is crying out for resolutely checking the authorities’ intention to make the Panmunjeom Declaration be ratified at the “National Assembly”, saying that “it is incoherent”, “it is an act of deceiving conscience” and “it is an intolerable thing”.

In this regard, democratic force and people of every degree deride the conservative force’s impudence and ignorance.

Saying that as long as the conservative group is allowed to go at large, neither national reconciliation nor unity can be achieved nor peace and prosperity are ensured, the south Korean people of various circles turn out in the drive to punish the conservative group.

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