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System-to-system confrontation

     The Yoon Suk-yeol regime formulated “north Korean human rights” issue as an important item of its policy toward north Korea.

The “human rights” racket is aimed to revitalize opening, communication and exchange between the north and south and lead north Korea to “a gradual change” through the process of settling the “human rights issue of the north Koreans”.

The Yoon regime is powerfully accelerating the establishment of the anti-DPRK human rights organization, “north Korean human rights foundation”, which Park Geun-hye, the notorious confrontationist, dared not set up in fear of the public sentiments.

The Yoon regime argues that building up public opinion on human rights issue is the most effective means to put pressure upon north Korea and it is the obligation of the regime to improve the “north Korean human rights”.

The Yoon clique has the impertinence to mar north Korea with no jobless people whereas south Korea is plagued with high unemployment, an incurable social evil. It is disgusting that such indecent characters short on brains pick on north Korea, where people enjoy a happy life in harmony, over the issue of “human rights” when south Korea is suffering from extreme social conflicts.

Yoon even encourages the scattering of leaflets by human scum who betrayed their homeland and families.

Shortly ago, the state emergency epidemic prevention headquarters of north Korea, according to scientific and rhetorical investigation made by special institutions, drew a scientific conclusion that the area along the military demarcation line was the place where COVID-19 broke out for the first time in north Korea.

This shows that the inflow of the malignant virus into north Korea is relevant to the north Korean defectors’ leafleting.

The present situation proves that the Yoon regime makes a desperate effort to collapse the north Korean government and system in cahoots with the US-led international reactionaries, finding fault with “human rights abuses” in north Korea.

It is a silly daydream.

The Yoon regime, which is regarding north Korea as the “principal enemy” and imprudently going to meddle with its national sovereignty, fundamental interests and socialist system, will not be able to escape miserable destruction.

Those who run counter to the trend of the times are destined to meet bitter disgrace and wretched ruin.

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