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The 2nd phase of Kim Jong Un era opened up with Mt. Paektu” was published

 Progressive organizations in south Korea published “The 2nd phase of Kim Jong Un era opened up with Mt. Paektu”.

The author of this book has written lots of articles including “Chairman Kim Jong Il and north Korea in the 21st century” and “Countries fought against the US” in praise of the leadership and greatness of Chairman Kim Jong Il and Marshal Kim Jong Un.

The book defines 2012-2019 as “The 1st phase of Kim Jong Un era” and deals with the immortal feats the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un has performed on the road for building prosperous country and change in inter-Korean ties and foreign relations.

The book tells that his march on horseback in Mt. Paektu marked the beginning of “The 2nd phase of Kim Jong Un era” and he shaped far-reaching plan on the 8th Congress of the WPK.

This book is available in major bookstores in Seoul now.

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