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The 51st anti-US monthly meeting held

Of late, civic organizations including the Special Committee for Anti-US and Anti-War and the South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea’s Reunification held the 51st anti-US monthly meeting to demand suspension of Ulji Freedom Shield before the US Embassy in Seoul.

Participants strongly accused that OP-5015 is the worst heinous war scenario elaborated for preemptive nuclear strike at north Korea and “beheading operation”.

The Yoon regime toes hostile policy of the US toward north Korea, all the confrontations against north Korea including the north-targeting military maneuvers should be suspended without delay, they got vocal.

The participants expressed their firm will to stage a vigorous struggle against the US, Yoon Suk-yeol and war with the people from all social standings, criticizing that the US with its ambition to clutch hold of supremacy and the Yoon regime with the sinister intention of recovering the plunged approval rating gather the conservative group by waging face-off and military game against north Korea. 

In demand of stop of the south Korea-US military exercise and dissolution of the military nexus between south Korea, the US and Japan
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