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The DPRK National Defense Commission statement

As was reported,  sent a crucial proposal concerning the grave situation on the peninsula to the south Korean authorities on January 16.

Main points are as follows;

1. To take practical measures in hearty response to the warm call for creating an atmosphere for improving the north-south ties.

The DPRK officially proposed the south Korean authorities to take a practical measure of halting all acts of provoking and slandering the other side from January 30, a day before the Lunar New Year’s Day.

2. To take a practical step of halting all hostile military acts against the other side in response to the historic call for ensuring the security and peace of the nation.

The south Korean regime should take a political decision of canceling Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises projected to stage from late February.

3. To take practical measures to be beneficial to each other to prevent a nuclear holocaust on the Korean Peninsula.

The south Korean regime should not resort to reckless acts of bringing dangerous nuclear strike means of the US to south Korea and to the areas around it.

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