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The height of shamelessness

The US and south Korean authorities have picked on north Korea over its human rights.

They have made desperate bid to find fault with north Korean human rights such as appointment of special envoy for north Korean human rights which has been vacant for six years, publication of report on situation of north Korean human rights and formation of the preparatory committee for north Korean human rights foundation. They put forward the UN special rapporteur of north Korean human rights to ballyhoo about “poor circumstances of north Korean human rights”.

The above-said moves are a third-rate charade to demonize north Korea.

They have neither face nor qualification to talk about the human rights.

It is the US where falsehood, deception, fraud, swindling, heartlessness and misanthropy are widespread. Racial, national and religious discrimination are prevalent in the US. Gun-related crimes and child abuse are rampant in the US.

Fair mass media said that those who speak in dispraise of north Korea in the UN are human rights abusers. The documents related on human rights making a charge against north Korea are applicable to the western nations.

It is an intolerable insult to the human rights that the abusers of human rights talk about the human rights of north Korea.

North Korea is a genuine world for the people in which the human rights are perfectly ensured.

Exploitation of man by man was eliminated for good, the north Korean people are substantially provided with political freedom and democratic rights and they are entitled to work and learn.

Those who devise a trick will be caught in its own snare.

It is the necessity of history.

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