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The most disgusting election in history

 The overseas reports jeer that the 20th presidential election of south Korea has been the most disgusting election in history.

The world mass media including Agence France-Presse, the Sunday Times, the Washington Post and the New York Times censured that the more odious man was elected president after scandalous dispute between corruptions suspects.

They said:

The presidential election is stained with not only scandals and abuse, but also disputes and insults.

Candidates have got at each other’s throat in a dogfight for power in this election. It reveals the divided aspect of south Korean society.

It has become the most loathsome election in the 35 years of presidential election since the 1980s.

Nasty tempers of the candidates were disclosed clearly.

The worst was elected in the worst presidential election in south Korea.

He was elected president because lots of people dislike him less than the others.

Its reputation hit the worst in history as it was called as the election of unlikeable candidates.

The BBC and the Reuter’s as well as the Guardian reported as follows:

They have openly expressed an intense hatred against their political rivals by slandering them as fascist dictator and groomsman of shaman.

South Korean people are not strangers to such political scandal.

Dogfight will go on even after election.

Winning the presidential election by less than a per cent is a signal showing how serious the split of the south Korean political circle is.

The electorate won’t be satisfied with the result of election no matter who is elected.

The candidates have spent several months railing against each other and making the other side a devil, it resulted in more serious social division, it is difficult to say that the elected president wins full popularity because public opinion is entirely divided in the election, the threat and trick of the ins and the outs candidates spoiled this election, the AP and Asahi Shimbun derided.

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