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The principal of provocation

 Recently, the south Korean authorities make a fuss over the steps of the north to bolster up its national defense capacity.

The authorities make an issue of the test conducted by the north to develop a reconnaissance satellite according to the five-year plan saying something like denunciation and provocation.

Provocation means the act of annoying somebody deliberately.

The north’s step to increase its military capability is self-defensive inside out. It is just and should not be criticized.

It is a fact patent to the public that the present authorities have worsened the situation of the Korean peninsula.

The real provokers are none other than the authorities and military warmongers.

They are the principal offenders who introduce foreign-made murderous weapons into south Korea by spending huge amount of taxes extorted from the people and invite war in the Korean peninsula by waging joint military drill with the US.

It is the height of impudence to fault the just plan of the DPRK for the aerospace development and its exercise of sovereignty.

The south Korean authorities and military have to stop all the military provocation against and hostile acts toward compatriots rather than fault the other side.

This is the stand and demand of the people

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