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The second forum of study on Kim Jong Un

     Some days ago, the second forum on Study of Kim Jong Un, president of the State Affairs of the DPRK was held under the sponsorship of the People’s Sovereignty Solidarity.  

Videos under the titles of “Kim Jong Un and the great epidemic prevention campaign”, “Tear of Kim Jong Un“, “Kim Jong Un and teacher”, “Kim Jong Un and Samjiyon City”, “Kim Jong Un and his order”, “Kim Jong Un and his revolutionary comrade”, “Kim Jong Un and blessed land”, “Kim Jong Un and Kyongru-dong”, “Kim Jong Un and his politics for carrying out the instructions of the preceding leaders” and “Kim Jong Un and the best thing” were shown at the forum.    

The video titled “Kim Jong Un and his order” showing his successful leadership for curbing malicious epidemics by issuing order to the KPA in May  was honored with the first prize.  

The video titled “Tear of Kim Jong Un” showing his selfless devotion to his people in his speech delivered at the military parade in celebration of the 75th founding anniversary of the WPK and “Kim Jong Un and his revolutionary comrade” showing his boundless love bestowed on late Hyon Chol Hae, former general adviser to the DPRK Ministry of National Defense were honored with prizes.

We got correct understanding of his order after watching the video showing Kim Jong Un who tided over the crisis of malignant disease with his special order to the KPA when the world suffers economic doldrums owing to the spread of malicious epidemics, we ruminate about the meaning of tear shed by Kim Jong Un when he expressed his thanks to his people who are well in good health, relationship between Kim Jong Un and his people, the term of a large socialist family being heard in north Korea, we had good understanding of revolutionary comradeship after seeing Kim Jong Un ensured the funeral service for late Hyong Chol Hae was held on high level, the winners expressed their views after the awarding ceremony.  

Many people set forth their views the forum should be held in the future that helps correct understanding of north Korea to the south Koreans.

The People’s Sovereignty Solidarity said that it is going to open to the public the videos and called upon the people to prepare for next forum with subject of north Korea’s people-first principle.

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