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The twentieth round of all-people candlelight rally for hailing dismissal of Park Geun-hye

The 20th all-people action on the theme of “Day of victory” was staged across south Korea on March 11 with 700 000 people of various circles involved under the sponsorship of the People’s Emergency Action for Forcing the Park Geun-hye Regime to Resign.

A candlelight rally took place in Seoul.
Earlier, the 2017 declaration on the rights of candlelight reflecting hope for a new society after the resignation of Park and wishes for reforms in various fields was made public.

The declaration laid down 100 tasks to be implemented in ten sectors including reforms of the “National Intelligence Service” and “Prosecution Services”, guarantee of 18 years old right to elect and enactment of special law for redemption of property the business tycoons lined illegally.      

A candlelight rally started with attendance of at least 708 100 people of different social standings.

The floor was taken by a worker, student, religionist and citizens.

They called for waging unremitting action to liquidate Park and her deep-rooted evils and hold candlelight on the lapse of three years of sink of ferry Sewol.

While the rally was under way, the participants watched a video showing the “Constitutional Court” making a decision on removing Park from office, while chanting slogans “Arrest Park”, “Step down Hwang”, “Punish accomplices” and “Release Han Sang-geun and Lee Seok-gi”.

At the end of the rally the participants staged a demonstration towards Cheongwadae and office of the “prime minister”, shouting slogan in demand of detention of Park.

They held again an event hailing the victory in the candlelight action at the Gwanghwamun Plaza.

Spring has come free from Park, the candlelight rally resulted in impeachment of Park, an equal and abundant society should be builtthrough democratization, a resident said with passion.  

Similar rallies took place in Gwangju and other parts of south Korea.

The speakers said that they have held candlelight in the teeth of snow or rain for the retirement of Park, holding that reforms should be accelerated such as arrest of Park, removal of deep-rooted evils and punishment of accomplices.  

They called upon to accomplish the candlelight revolution by building a new society where people are masters of it.

The unheard-of candlelight rally with large number of people involved is literally a revolution, the candlelight rally ended now but it would be launched whenever the people want, the members of the civic organizations noted.

The candlelight action started from October last year eventually ousted Park and concluded with the twentieth rally celebrating dismissal of Park.  

The candlelight action was an unprecedented nationwide resistance compared with past resistance in terms of scale and period. 

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