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The US military moves, its bluff

 Recently, the US massively ships nuclear strategic assets into the vicinity of the Korean peninsula.

Days ago, the US and Japanese naval groups of warships including the US nuclear-powered flattops, “Carl Vinson” and “Lincoln Abraham”, landing helicopter carriers, “America” and “Essex”, and a helicopter-carrying convoy belonging to the Japanese Maritime Self-defense Force, conducted a multinational naval rehearsal in the waters around the Korean peninsula.

“Nevada”, an Ohio-class submarine and one of the three major nuclear strategic assets of the US, arrived in Guam and two “B-1B”, strategic bombers of the US Air Force, staged a bombing exercise over the East Sea last month.

Meanwhile, the US redeployed a “WC-135W”, a special reconnaissance plane, for guard against the north in the US military base in Japan.

The north is encircled by the US nuclear strategic assets, it is unprecedented that the US naval fleet is concentrated in the western pacific waters around the Korean peninsula, the south Korean mass media concerns.

The press comments that the US military moves will only trigger the north’s strong opposition.

The DPRK already manifested its will to more effectively increase its physical strength which can efficiently control the hostile moves of the US against it getting ever more serious day by day for defending dignity, sovereign rights and interests of the state, the military experts stressed.

The US military move is not a powerful signal or warning to the north, but an indication of bluff by the US dismayed at the north, analysts ridicule.

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