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Third-day Sitting of Sixth Plenum of Eighth WPK Central Committee

The third-day sitting of the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) was held on December 28 amid the solemn resolution of all the participants to open a new chapter for the development of the state.

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, continued his report at the third-day sitting.

General Secretary Kim Jong Un’s passionate report which will promote the dynamic advance of the Korean-style socialist cause, has redoubled the belief in advance direction of the Korean revolution and the confidence in its invincibility, strongly stirring up the participants in the plenary meeting.

In the report, the General Secretary reviewed the great changes and progress made in the activities of the Party and its self-strengthening this year, stressing the need to steadily augment the fighting efficiency of the Party organizations and conduct the Party work in a fresher way.

The report especially clarified the principles for subordinating and orienting all work to thoroughgoing implementation of the Party’s policies by enhancing the role of the provincial Party committees, the political staff of the relevant regions, and their chief secretaries, and the practical ways for raising the effectiveness and efficiency of the Party ideological work and improving the personnel affairs.

It also stressed the need for the departments and officials of the Party Central Committee, including the Organizational Leadership Department and the Information and Publicity Department which have a duty to properly steer the work of Party organizations at all levels to implement the Party’s decisions, to display a higher sense of responsibility and activeness.

The General Secretary concluded his three-day-long report, expressing expectations that the leading officials, who are shouldering the work of all fields of the revolution and the destiny of the Party’s policies at the most important and responsible time in the history of the development of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, would bring about a radical change and decisive improvement in discharging their duties in order to live up to the great trust and expectation of the Party and the people with their high sense of loyalty and devoted service.

The report of the General Secretary who clearly indicated the direction of advance of the struggle and the method for leap forward to cope with the changing revolutionary situation was warmly supported and approved by the participants in the plenary meeting, as it reflected the steadfast will and bold and positive action guidelines to realize the far-reaching ideal for the prosperity of the country and happiness of the people without fail.

The meeting heard the proposals of Premier Kim Tok Hun of the Cabinet on the issues to be urgently solved in the overall state affairs, including economic construction and activities, and speeches and written speeches were made by leading officials of various sectors.

Sectional workshops were organized to have a study and consultative session on a draft resolution for implementing the important tasks set forth in the historic report of the General Secretary.

The plenary meeting dealt with the organizational matter as the second agenda item.

Upon the authorization of the plenary meeting, a state budget assessment group for discussing the third agenda item “On the fulfillment of the state budget for 2022 and the draft state budget for 2023” was formed to enter the study of a draft document.

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