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Total failure, chieftain?

 Inter-Korean relations are bogged down.

A broad spectrum of south Koreans said that the clock of north Korean policy stands at zero, it is attributable to sycophant and anti-north Korean policy pursued by the south Korean authorities.

The present south Korean regime, which took power thanks to the victory of national candlelight resistance, has pursued policy of submission to the foreign forces and taken irresolute steps. It failed to meet the south Koreans’ desire for development of inter-Korean ties, a head of pro-unification organization charged.     

It has obeyed the foreign forces blindly without any independent stand outwardly but inwardly it has read face of the conservative group. It is no better than the conservative regimes in the past, he reprimanded.

The south Korean internet websites carry articles in denunciation of the south Korean authorities which did not stop the leaflets scattering of the north Korean defectors and punish them in accordance with relevant law.

The south Korean authorities have offered no reply to political charlatans who made inflammatory remarks against north Korea, a netizen charged. 

The broad segments of south Koreans claim that the south Korean authorities’ irresolute attitude is the main cause of deteriorating inter-Korean ties.

It is as plain as a pikestaff that inter-Korean relations have no hope of recovery and public anger would grow stronger if the south Korean authorities fail to abandon the policy of dependence on foreign forces and pursue hostile policy towards north Korea.  

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