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Never-ending south Korea, the US and Japan joint military rehearsal is livening up war crisis in the Korean Peninsula.

At this time, the largest-ever “combined joint fire annihilation drill” against north Korea is conducted in south Korea.

The maneuvers assume the most provocative and aggressive dimensions.

The codename itself is pregnant with an animosity toward north Korea.

On the other hand the US and its vassal forces including south Korea and Japan are carrying out Eastern Endeavor 23, a multinational naval blockade exercise over international waters south of the Korean Peninsula.

This exercise is none other than undisguised provocation against north Korea and infringement upon its sovereignty.

Owing to such hysteric military games, the situation of the Korean Peninsula is being pushed to the brink of a war.

It really proves that Yoon Suk-yeol is the mastermind of aggravating the present situation and bringing dark cloud of a war to the Korean Peninsula as a shock brigade for realization of the US supremacy over the Asia-Pacific region.

To oust Yoon Suk-yeol, a pro-US and pro-Japanese warmonger from power without delay is what gives life meaning to the people and preserves peace.

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