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Towards Peace

On Feb. 26, civic organizations including the People’s Action for Peace against War held a news conference in Seoul at which they wished successful meeting of the second DPRK-US summit and demanded conclusion of peace treaty. Lift of sanctions against north Korea and suspension of south Korea-US joint military games. 

On Feb. 25, the Peace Action composed of 30 bodies including the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, the National Federation of Peasants Association and the Solidarity for Progress launched action for peace outside the US embassy in Seoul.

In the press release, they demanded lift of sanctions against north Korea blocking war-end declaration, conclusion of peace treaty and implementation of inter-Korean declaration in order to establish durable and lasting peace mechanism in the Korean Peninsula. They also demanded relink of inter-Korean railways and roads and resumption of the Gaesong Industrial Park and Mt. Geumgang tourism. They strongly urged the south Korean authorities to stop ongoing south Korea-US joint military exercises.   

Meanwhile, the Gwangju the Solidarity for People’s Sovereignty held a rally in denunciation of the US vicious move of wrecking peace in the Korean Peninsula outside the US military base in Gunsan on Feb. 24.

The participants marched toward the front gate of the US military base, chanting slogans “Stop war exercises menacing peace of the Korean Peninsula!”, “Stop introduction of weaponry!” and “Withdraw sanctions against north Korea!”. 

They concluded the rally after attaching warnings to the front gate of the US military base in demand of suspension of war games, discontinuance of introduction of weaponry and lift of sanctions against north Korea.
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