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Trace in Panmunjom

20 years have passed since leader Kim Jong Il inspected Panmunjom, the hottest spot well known to the world.

It was a grim period when the world focused on the DPRK, the world’s unique socialist fortress, which was in fierce confrontation with the US-led allied imperialist forces. At that time, the US was intoxicated with the end of “Cold War”.

After the unexpected demise of President Kim Il Sung, the DPRK suffered consecutive natural disaster and the enemies took hostile actions against the DPRK, clamoring about “the DPRK’s collapse is a matter of time”.

To remain independent guards or colonial slaves.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula was volatile.

On November 24, 1996, leader Kim Jong Il inspected Panmunjom with an iron will to safeguard the security and dignity of the nation and carry out the instructions of President Kim Il Sung for national reunification.

 The monument dedicated to President Kim Il Sung’s last autograph for national reunification

He visited the monument to President Kim Il Sung’s autograph for reunification and said in solemn tones that he will surely achieve national reunification and hand down a reunified country to the people.

It was a declaration of faith and will of general of Mt. Paektu to carry out the President’s instructions for building a reunified nation, no matter how desperately the anti-reunification elements may work and situation may change.

With a unwavering faith and will reaffirmed in Panmunjom where the US signed the surrender document in recognition of its defeat, leader Kim Jong Il won victory after victory in the face-off with the US, arranged the summit of the north and south and opened up the June 15 reunification era, the first of its kind in history of national division.

His bold inspection inspired the south Korean people with confidence in national reunification and dealt a hard blow at the enemies.

Now, Chairman Kim Jong Un, who is identical with leader Kim Jong Il, invariably takes the road for reunification and dignity of the nation.

In March 2012, Chairman Kim Jong Un inspected Panmunjom. He affirmed an inflexible intention to achieve national reunification ardently desired by the preceding leaders.

Despite the vicious maneuvers of the US-led imperialist aggressive forces to stifle the DPRK, the iron-willed brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu secures the dignity and sovereignty of the DPRK.

As the Korean nation upholds Chairman Kim Jong Un as the lodestar of national reunification, the new era of a reunified and thriving nation will surely come true.
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