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Tradition of DIU

Over 90 years have passed since the Down-with Imperialism Union (DIU) was formed to usher in an epoch of independence at the time when the destiny of the Korean nation was at stake.

President Kim Il Sungformed the DIU, the historic origin of the Workers’ Party of Korea, on October 17, 1926 with the youth communists of new generation.

In order to win a victory in the revolutionary struggle, the people should rely on themselves instead of others and follow loyally a genuine great leader. It is the truth proven through the history and immutable revolutionary principle.

Admired by the greatness of the President, the members of the DIU, the first generation of Korean revolutionaries held him in high esteem as the lodestar and sun of the nation. They firmly untied around him as center of unity. The single-hearted unity, the long-cherished desire of the nation, was originated by them and it was their biggest merit.

Single-hearted unity, the great tradition of the DIU.

Following the tradition, the Korean people put an end to the flunkeyism and the idea of dependence on foreign forces and have created independent people’s history.

United single-heartedly around the President, the Korean people achieved the national liberation by themselves and defeated the US imperialists with young armed forces. Whenever imperialism, revisionism and big power chauvinism attacked them, the Korean people united around their leaders more firmly and smashed the vicious moves with the power of the unity.

The tradition of the DIU is being carried forward by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. As the Korean people unite around and follow him, the national reunification will be realized and their bright future will be ensured.

It is firm determination and will of the Supreme Leader to carry on the idea, feats and tradition of the preceding leaders for national unity and achieve national reunification.

Under his wise leadership, the historic day of reunification will surely come true before long.

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