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Tradition of Victory

Generalissimmo Kim Il Sung, the ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander

Tradition of Victory

July 27, the day of the DPRK’s victory in the Korean War, has come round again.

Human history can be also called as history of wars and there are many traces of war in the world.

Many victories of war have been etched in the history of wars.           

Of them, only the DPRK’s victory in the past Korean War touches the hearts of the world people through generations.

The Korean War in the 1950s was a fight between “rifle” and “A-bomb”.

Humankind watched with bated breath the DPRK standing in confrontation with the US, who boasted of their numerical and technological superiority. Even the world progressives felt discouraged, while pinning hope on the victory of the DPRK.

However, the world, that had experienced aggressive and predatory wars by the imperialists, witnessed the great righteous victory of the DPRK.

The prominent leadership of President Kim Il Sung, the great man with few parallels in human history and ever-victorious brilliant commander, brought about an unprecedented great victory and military miracle to be recorded in the history of struggle against imperialism.

President Kim Il Sung overpowered the military and technological superiority of the US by means of ideological and spiritual, strategic and tactical superiority. Through the victory of the war, the world has venerated the President as the greatest-ever commander and the erstwhile weak nation has been highlighted as heroic Korea.

Bursting into loud shouts of “Long Live General Kim Il Sung”, the servicemen of the Korean People’s Army annihilated the enemy with redoubled courage and laid down their lives without hesitation for his security and prosperity of the fatherland.

The victory achieved by the Korean people was literally attributable to brilliant victory of great ideology, faith, strategy and tactics and skilled art of command of President Kim Il Sung. With the great victory, the Korean people saved the world from the new world war and opened up an era of new upsurge of anti-imperialist struggle by arousing the world people who were suppressed by the imperialists.

Now, the Korean people and world progressives highly admire President Kim Il Sung, who brought about the second national liberation day and accomplished the immortal exploits unparalleled in world political history, as the ever-victorious brilliant commander and savior of the humankind.

Although many years have elapsed since then, the wild ambition of the US to enslave the world people has in no way changed and dark clouds of war are hanging heavily over Korean Peninsula.

With great national pride of revering Chairman Kim Jong Un who is identical with the President, the service personnel and the people of the heroic Korea are confident of the ultimate victory in the centuries-old confrontation against the US.

It is the firm will of Chairman Kim Jong Un to put an end to the US hostile policy towards and aggressive maneuvers against the DPRK with the revolutionary armed forces bequeathed from the great leaders.

Under the ever-victorious leadership of the Chairman who safeguards the Korean and world people, the victory will be the great tradition of the DPRK for good.
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