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Tragedy of Ulsa year must not be repeated

     Now is the 117 year since the fabrication of “Ulsa Five Point Treaty”, the outcome of the aggressive ambition of brigandish Japanese imperialism on Korea.

With the conclusion of the so called “Treaty” the Korean nation, bereft of the country, was destined for a long period of 40 years either obeying the Japanese laws or being killed under the Japanese colonial fascist rule of harsh political and ideological suppression, material plundering and nation killing.  

The whole country turned into a prison without bars and a Japanese base for war supplies. Our nation deprived of even Korean names and language to say nothing of dignity and soul were doomed to a fate of beast in the killing battlefield, labor camps and ignominious “comfort house”.

The colonial rule of Korea by Japan is a large-scale crime against humanity meant to exterminate a country, Korea and its nation from the globe.

However, even today that is the 77th year of Japan’s surrender and 117th year of usurping the power of our nation, the Japanese reactionaries have not yet liquidated their past unlawful and immoral crimes.

Japan does not properly recognize her occupation of Korea and crimes committed but rather behaves impudently to distort historical facts.

Shunning deliberately the demand of victims for an apology and reparations, high ranking politicians including the prime minister call on in groups Yasukuni Shrine where specters of chief instigators for aggression wander inciting militarism and Japan participates actively in military exercises against the DPRK to realize an ambition for “the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” and alleges that Dok islet sacred land of Korea belongs to Japan.

All these are the revelation of the dangerous ambition of Japan to reaggress Korea, thereby repeating its past aggression.  

In spite of these the Yoon Suk-yeol traitorous group is fanning Japanese reactionaries in their maneuvers to revive militarism and reaggress Korean Peninsula clamoring to improve ties with Japan. It took part in naval review and made reverence to the rising sun flag tainted with the blood of aggression thus openly committing an alarming reckless act.  

The reality shows clearly that if the distortion of history by Japan and its move to seize Dok islet are tolerated and thoughtless acts of pro-Japanese submission are overlooked the tragedy inflicted 110 odd years ago would repeat itself.

It is for this reason that the broad segments of south Korean people launch an unrelenting campaign against Yoon group and Japan demanding Japanese government to recognize its past crimes against humanity and make an apology and compensation. 

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