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Treachery to Candlelight

The south Korean authorities had 8 000 policemen suppress residents and members of civic bodies on September 7, jumping on the U.S.’s anti-DPRK bandwagon despite the unanimous rejection of the public at home and abroad. The south Korean regime deployed four launching pads of THAAD and related equipment in Seongju all of a sudden.

The residents in Seongju County, citizens of Gimcheon City, Won Buddhists, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, the Korean Teachers and Education Workers’ Union and other organizations are hold press conferences and rallies against surprise introduction of THAAD across south Korea.

On September 16, 600 people of six civic organizations including the Seongju Residents Measure Committee against THAAD Deployment, the Gimcheon Citizens Measure Committee against THAAD Deployment and the Seongju Emergency Measure Committee for Defending Holy Land of Won Buddhism held the 5th pan-national meeting to strongly demand the withdrawal of THAAD.

The Moon Jae-in government appeared thanks to the candlelight resistance eventually yielded under pressure of the U.S. and turned down the public demand for peace to allow additional deployment of THAAD, a deep-rooted evil left by the Park Geun-hye regime, a resolution noted. It urged the Moon government and the U.S. to make an apology to the south Koreans who are plagued with deployment of THAAD and to withdraw THAAD and stop operation of THAAD and its related project.

The south Korean authorities turned against the public feelings by enforcing additional deployment of launching pads for THAAD.

A south Korean resident lamented that he feels shame at having voted for Moon.

The south Korean authorities’ decision is pushing the bedeviled inter-Korean relations to a more uncontrollable catastrophe and it is intolerable as it is a serious menace to peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula.

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