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Trigger-happy elements heating up showdown

Spiteful remarks inciting confrontation with north Korea are being heard with the advent of Yoon Suk-yeol regime.   

Yoon lays bare his attempt to stick to military showdown with north Korea, while clamoring for provocation of north Korea.  

The newly-appointed south Korean defense minister spouted a string of rubbish such as preemptive strike and early establishment of missile interception.

The defense minister trumpeted about the maintenance of defense preparedness against north Korea at a virtual meeting of the brass hats of the south Korean army, visited the aerial operation command and the missile defense command to make impetuous remarks hostile to north Korea, clamoring about serious situation of security, provocation of north Korea and “resolute and quick response”.

It is disgusting that he goaded the south Korean army to push confrontation with north Korea, a world military giant, as he is the defense minister of the mercenary army of the US without the prerogative of supreme command.

He buckled himself to give somewhat of stimulus to the army in low spirits. It is never to be tolerable.   

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