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     The US builds up the military strength of the US forces in south Korea to provoke a war against north Korea.

The US is going to make a customary cyclic deployment of stryker brigade stationed in the US mainland to enhance the swift maneuverability of the USFK.   

From autumn of this year, the US is going to replace the former armored brigade in south Korea with the stryker brigade.  

The stryker brigade, which was organized in 2002, is a special task force armed with about 570 wheeled armored vehicles. It consists of three motorized infantry battalions, an armored battalion, an artillery battalion and a support unit. The US has seven stryker brigades at present.

It is going to put military pressure upon north Korea, at the same time, make the best use of the USFK as a swift-response unit in realizing its strategy for the Indo-Pacific.

The US has conducted joint military exercises with different missions to enhance actual war capacity in case of contingency in the Korean Peninsula.

The special units of the US and south Korean army staged combined special training in simulation of emergency in the Korean Peninsula at California, US in June.  

Six F-35A stealth bombers of the US air force based in Alaska flew to south Korea to conduct an aerial drill to be adept at the joint operation against north Korea in July.  

It has planned to stage a joint military exercise in parallel with computer-aided simulation exercise and field maneuver in August. Through the exercise, it is going to estimate full operational capacity of the future combined command which has been in abeyance for a long time.  

The current situation proves the US is the root of bringing dark clouds of a nuclear war to the peninsula and the chief architect of tightening tension on the Korean Peninsula and inflicting the national division on the Korean nation.

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