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True colors

Lots of agreements and treaties have been signed between south Korea and the US.

However, they are consistent with the US policies on its colonial rule over south Korea and for invasion of the whole Korea in every respect.

The US, which occupied south Korea by force, made up the “Mutual Defense Assistance Treaty” with pro-American henchmen on January 26, 1950, 73 years ago. It is a product of aggressive machinations for strengthening military rule and plunging south Korea still deeper into subjugation, and carrying out its wild ambition for invasion of north Korea under the pretext of “alliance”.

According to the treaty, the US instigated Syngman-Rhee to ignite war against north Korea on June 25, 1950.The aggressive nature of the south Korea-US Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement was laid bare during the Korean War.

It is not the south Korea-US Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement alone that the US has fabricated with the pro-US puppets to maintain and strengthen its colonial ruling system over south Korea with the black-hearted intention of choking off north Korea.

That sort of treaties and agreements including “mutual defense treaty”, “treaty on handing over the prerogative of supreme command”, “a status-of-forces agreement” and “special agreement on defense sharing cost” are legion.

Owing to such aggressive yet submissive treaties and agreements, south Korea has been reduced into an advanced nuclear base for invading north Korea and the US forces is so impudent to style itself as master of south Korea, committing all sorts of crimes.

What is serious is that these are to be justified and rationalized under the cloak of tightening the nexus.

Strengthening alliance between south Korea and the US is just to tighten collusion between master and servant for invasion of north Korea.

They are none other than the successive south Korean rulers who have signed such aggressive and treacherous agreements as “the south Korea-US Mutual Defense Assistance Treaty” without hesitation and sold off the national dignity and interest groveling at the foot of the outside forces for the last 70-odd years.

Especially, the Yoon clique has run amuck to maintain its regime and stifle north Korea clinging to the sleeves of the US as soon as he took power.

Yoon is hell-bent on hysteric military face-off raving of warlike remarks such as “readiness for war”, “overwhelming counterattack” and “the end of the DPRK regime” in the New Year, too.

The danger of outbreak of a nuclear war in the Korean Peninsula is being materialized day after day due to his reckless remarks.

All facts go to prove that the south Korea-US alliance is the one for aggression, and all of the agreements between south Korea and the US are the one for unleashing a war.

South Koreans from all walks of life should grasp the true colors and deceitfulness of the south Korea-US nexus and treaty and intensify their struggle to smash them.

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