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Trumpeting about “Threat from DPRK”

It is really strange that Japan is exposed to “threat” at a time when the atmosphere of peace is prevalent around the Korean peninsula.
It has recently been proved that Japan branded the DPRK as the “unprecedentedly grave and urgent threat” again in the “defence white paper” for 2018.
The theory of “threat from DPRK” is not a new brand as it is a manifestation of the hostile policy toward the DPRK which Japan has long put forward as a national policy.
It is ridiculous that Japan still trumpets about time-worn “threat” at a time when a new era of peace settles on the Korean peninsula and in the region.
This is not a thing that should be considered as an ignorance of the trend of the times or persecution mania.
In May Japan branded the DPRK as well as China as a “threat” when it revised the “maritime master plan.”
And it labelled the DPRK as an “unprecedentedly grave and urgent threat to peace and stability of Japan and the international community” in the diplomatic blue paper printed in 2018.
Japan is persistently crying out for someone’s “threat” in defiance of the changed situation. It clearly shows that Japan is in need of the “threat” from the outside.
Now Abe regime is suffering a serious crisis in domestic rule owing to the ultra-right policy, irregularities and corruption and lack of measure for natural disasters and externally it is involved in trade dispute with different economic entities and it is sidelined in diplomatic arena.
For these reasons the Abe regime is kept from realising its ambition for militarism and so it tries to find the way out from the theory of “threat from DPRK.”
Japan that drew water to its mill in the aggravated situation of the Korean peninsula has not yet abandoned its bad habit under the present situation toward détente and peace.
The trend of the times never depends on the political purpose of Japan.
The Japanese reactionaries are crying out for the “threat” in pursuance of the anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK. Their acts bring into bold relief under the eyes of the international community the base intention of Japan which is trumpeting about non-existent “threat” for its wild ambition while hurting the regional situation.
Japan would be well advised to think of a way to join in the trend of the times.
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