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Truth learned by south Koreans

2022 was the year replete with a failure and despair.

The day under the Yoon administration was blotted with height of injustice and absurdity, ruin of democracy and peace and destitution of people’s livelihood instead of reinstatement of disrupted justice and common sense.

The south Korean people fed up with politics for vested interests at wrangling for their goal in the last presidential election, are yearning for new politics and life.

But what was the fact shown before the eyes of the people?

Yoon Suk-yeol, the south Korean president who prattled cooperative rule and unity has engrossed himself from the start in running alone, self-righteousness, hatred and politics for division.

While yet the words are fresh from his mouth that the personnel management would be based on ability, he established family political system and brought into power circle those who were opposed by the people for their abuse of power and graft, hatred of women and distribution of history.

With the emergence of the unprecedented prosecutor republic, he has created new security situation wherein he committed political revenge against the former power and became more brazen in suppressing trade unions, mass media and democratic forces while closing eyes and turning deaf ears to irregularities of his relations and assistants.

As a result, social conflicts and inequality became acute and all sorts of accidents and crimes were rampant while poor economy and livelihood fell into misery.

What is intolerable is that with the establishment of the Yoon’s power peace was disturbed and war crisis escalated.

Yoon, crazy with the pro-US sycophancy has executed a role of a shock brigade on volition for the US policy of supremacy and hostile policy against the DPRK and pushed the economy and security into further precarious situation.

Last year has witnessed that formation of triangle military alliance between south Korea, US and Japan began in earnest with the US strategic assets sailing into the Korean Peninsula at will and Japanese naval self-defense vessels entering into the vicinity of Dok Islet.

The south Korean people continuously express their uneasiness and fear that something might happen and a real nuclear war would break out for Yoon ignorant of military affairs.

As a result grand social reform desired by the people went up in smoke and they could not help but go out into the street with candlelight.

At this point, there is lesson keenly felt by all the people.

It is none other than that how serious were the consequences of not having eradicated conservative evil forces.

Nobody can bring a new world desired by the people.

The peace on this land and real social change should only be made by the masses themselves.

South Korean people should wage a nationwide struggle to bring about a new politics and new world in 2023.

For the immediate future south Koreans should come out in the struggle against the US and its followers, Yoon traitors.

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