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U.S. troops, leave this land with THAAD!

A meeting was held in Seoul on Oct. 16 to form an anti-Trump and anti-U.S. struggle headquarters.

The People’s Democratic Party, the Peace Accord Movement Headquarters, and other political parties and organizations called this meeting when the U.S. and the south Korean forces began a joint naval drill against the DPRK.

The participants in the meeting made public an appeal titled “Let Us Avert War without Fail through Anti-Trump and Anti-U.S. Struggles!”

The U.S. is conducting war games against the DPRK despite stern warning of the latter and the madman’s strategy and war maneuver against the DPRK escalate the danger of war, the appeal charged.

Not content with deployment of THAAD and sanctions against the DPRK in pursuit of the U.S. policy, the south Korean government supported Trump’s bellicose remarks calling for “total destruction” of the north to betray the candlelight holders, the appeal censured.

They marched up to the “government complex”, chanting slogans “Warmonger Trump, zip your lip”, “U.S., stop war drill against the north at once!” and “U.S. troops, leave this land with THAAD!”.

On Oct. 17, the Daejeon Headquarters of Movement for People’s Sovereignty and Removal of Evils held a press conference at which they said that they want peace, stop south Korea-U.S. joint maritime drill and nuclear aircraft carrier go back to the U.S.

All guns and nukes would be the weapon destroying not only north Korea but also humanity, they said and pointed out that the war rehearsals under the pretext of coping with north Korea should not be allowed in this land. 
The Trump administration should roll back the hostile policy toward north Korea such as sanctions and war games and repair mutual relations and conclude peace accord. We give the U.S. a warning that the south Koreans would hold again candlelight to secure peace if the U.S. threatens the south Korea people through the outbreak of a war in the Korean Peninsula.

They said that they would wage a protest action against Trump’s junket to south Korea scheduled for Nov. 8. 
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