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Ultra-rightist conservative party, LUP

The Liberty Unification Party was formed ahead of general election of south Korea.

In a word, the LUP is nothing but a traitorous group dreaming of revival of conservatism and deep-rooted evils.

Kim Moon-soo, who was elected as the head of the LUP, is a political philistine and heinous confrontation seeker against north Korea.

Once he had been involved in labor and student movements. But as he had unsteady faith, he joined the ultra-rightist conservative party “Liberty Korea Party” and was stigmatized as a traitor from his fellows and south Korean people from all walks of life.

The aim that he formed the LUP is an expression of his greed to grab a seat of national assembly.

When Park Geun-hye was impeached, Kim took part in a rally of ultra- rightist conservatism to say Park is a woman of spotless integrity and demanded her release, wearing a tearful face. He belittled the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration and agreement of inter-Korean military field only to spark the anger of the public.

The broad segments of south Korean people raised their voices by saying the LUP, inciting security unrest, should not be formed at the beginning. The LUP is transformation of a gangster party and LUP, the aggregation of ultra-rightist, is doomed to ruin.

It’s quite natural that that the traitors are cursed by the people.

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