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Under condemnation

Actions for demanding the dissolution of the Liberty Korea Party, which has been engrossed in evil deeds, are brisk across south Korea.

On April 13, a demonstration took place in Seoul to demand the dissolution of the LKP, liquidation of evil legacies and great reform of the society under the sponsorship of the April 16 Solidarity and the People’s Joint Action.

They vowed to make positive efforts to punish the LKP, while carrying placards “Dissolve LKP!”, “Resign, Hwang Gyo-ahn!” and “Punish those responsible for Sewoldisaster!” 

Lawmaker Chung Jin-seok of the LKP and former member Cha Myong-jin became the target of public criticism for their offending remarks about the bereaved families of Sewol, the ruling Democratic Party pointed out through a commentary issued on April 17. 

If Chung and Cha are allowed to go scot-free, the LKP is being buffeted by criticism of the south Korean people, they warned.

On April 19, civic organizations made public statements to criticize the LKP which made punishment of those distorted the history of May 18 popular resistance as a political farce.
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