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Undying Exploits for setting up a milestone of reunification

South Koreans have a great reverence and affection for Chairman Kim Jong Il who provided the Korean nation with a milestone of Korea’s reunification and dedicated himself to national reunification till the last moments of his life. 

A member of civic organization told his colleagues that his indefatigable efforts touch me to the heart at the thought of Chairman Kim Jong Il.   

National reunification is the highest patriotism with Chairman Kim Jong Il.

He was concerned about the national reunification all the time and explored the untrodden path in the van, wearing his simple jumper.   

Saying that true patriotism is expressed in the struggle for national reunification, he dedicated his all to reunify the country till the last moments of his life. He set forth many proposals of key importance in settling the issue of national reunification and oriented all to implement them, regarding national reunification, the cherished desire of the Koran nation, as historical mission.  

Chairman Kim Jong Il stressed that the north and the south of Korea should independently settle the issue of the reunification of the nation by concerted efforts of the Koreans responsible for it with the core of the idea of by the Korean nation itself, a freelancer wrote in his article. A literary man stated that with the publication of inter-Korean declarations all south Koreans are well aware of the driving force of the reunification movement.

Amazing successes gained in the process of promoting national unity and reunification after the birth of inter-Korean declarations, and national independence spirit and nationwide solidarity: these are precious fruition of Chairman Kim Jong Il’s idea of great national unity, a professor noted at a forum.   

The south Koreans of all social strata, always calling him the NDC Chairman, highly speak of him that he was a national savior and peerless patriot who opened up a fresh age of independent reunification, and peace and prosperity, the immortal exploits and selfless devotion of Kim Jong Il, who made a milestone of Korea’s reunification by making public the historic inter-Korean declarations, will go down along with history of the Korean nation.    

Pundits and mass media of south Korea positively asserted that Kim Jong Un would adhere to reunification policy based on the June 15 Joint Declaration and the October 4 Declaration.

Marshal Kim Jong Un is the great lodestar of national reunification and overall national unity who has warm patriotism, broad-mindedness and personality embracing the entire Korean nation, the south Koreans got his unshakable will for reunification and faith from his great image, a reunification champion said.  

The voices of south Korean people reflect their firm resolve to sacrifice themselves for the sake of national reunification, venerating Kim Jong Un, another prominent great person produced by the Korean nation.
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