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Undying exploits of war victory

      Over 60 years have elapsed since the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea displayed fireworks of war victory in the blue sky.

The heroic mettle and spirit of the Korean People’s Army displayed in the Fatherland Liberation War is alive, true to their great leader.

The three-year long Korean War against US imperialism was a grim offensive battle for the fatherland to defend the future of the DPRK and destiny of the people.

At the same time, it was the first all-out war between the independent forces and the ruling forces and between socialism and capitalism after the Second World War.

The US hurled mercenaries from its satellite countries and war supplies into the war to subjugate the DPRK.

The territory, population, war hardware and economic might of the DPRK was incomparably smaller than of the US.  

For the young DPRK and the people, the Korean War was the harshest ordeals, the death-defying fight and confrontation between rifle and A-bomb.      

The Korean people etched the heroic legendary unprecedented in the history of the Korean nation and world revolution.

The victorious July 27 marked a new turn which projected the DPRK, a weak nation in the past, as the heroic one admired by the world.   

The miraculous victory is the inevitability of history produced by matchless self-sacrificing spirit and popular heroism of the KPA and people who cherished the conviction of certain victory as they are led by President Kim Il Sung.

The victory in the Fatherland Liberation War opened up a fresh history of building a thriving nation and gave an impetus to the trend of the age aspiring after independence and socialism.

The victorious wartime generation paved the way for an independent power with the spirit of Chollima and passed on their lofty spirit and soul to the coming generation after the postwar days.

Thanks to the July 27, the DPRK became a socialist giant independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defense and has secured the tradition of victory in the teeth of new war maneuvers of the hostile forces for decades since the postwar period.

The fighting spirit and feats of war victory made by the victors of great age would last forever along with the ever-victorious history of the DPRK.  

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