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Undying Exploits

Kim Jong Suk, anti-Japanese heroine
Undying Exploits
As the 64thanniversary of the death of Kim Jong Suk, anti-Japanese heroine, comes round, all the Korean service personnel and people are looking back with boundless yearning for her immortal revolutionary career.

Etched in the history of the Korean nation are her noble personality and undying exploits.

Born into a patriotic family in the period of national ruin, she keenly experienced the sorrow of her nation that was deprived of the country and set out on the road of revolutionary struggle against the Japanese imperialists in her teens.

She took part in the anti-Japanese armed struggle led by President Kim Il Sung and performed the brilliant feats in many battles by applying the adroit tactics and displaying courage and excellent marksmanship. She was thus held in high admiration by her comrades-in-arms and people as a woman general of Mt. Paektu.

Her struggle to liberate the country was the struggle to defend comrade Kim Il Sung at the risk of her life.

In the grim days of the anti-Japanese war, she always committed herself to protecting his safety and health and shielded him with her own body at every critical moment.

He recollected with deep emotion in his reminiscences With the Century that Kim Jong Suk saved him several times from the moments of crisis when fighting in the mountains.

It was her nature to bring flowers into bloom even on a rock and brave even death if it was for the sake of her comrades.

She made self-sacrificing efforts to save her comrades suspected of being “Minsaengdan” (spy organization formed by Japanese imperialists) members by the national chauvinists; in such a critical moment when the enemy attacked, she climbed up a mountain with a cauldron of boiling gruel on her head to serve her comrades; and she did not hesitate to run back braving the shower of enemy bullets to find the rifle that a recruit had left behind. Such legend-like anecdotes about her noble comradeship are told in great numbers in the history of the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

With the passage of time the Korean people’s admiration for her traits as a staunch revolutionary grows and they recall her who devoted her painstaking efforts to national prosperity and people’s well-being whenever they achieve proud results in building a thriving nation.

The glorious history of the Korean revolution and the proud realities as are witnessed now are all associated with her valuable revolutionary exploits.

Her life spanned only 32 years. Short as it may be, her revolutionary career would go down in the history of prospering socialist Korea.

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