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Unending June Popular Resistance

A popular resistance against the US domination over south Korea and the Chun Doo-hwan military clique bent on fascist suppression took place in June 1987, 29 years ago.

It is ardent desire of south Korean people to live in a democratic society where they fully enjoy rights of human being free from fascist autocracy. Backed by the foreign force, the Chun Doo-hwan military junta that usurped the regime at the point of bayonet after the close of the “yusin” despotism of Park Chung-hee turned south Korea into a living hell, persisting in the brutal crackdown upon the people.  

The south Korean people’s indignation was irrepressible and eventually the popular resistance broke out on June 10, 1987. The resistance swept across south Korea including Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Mokpo and Jeju. 

Five million broad sections of people including the youth and students waged an intensive action, chanting “Direct amendment of constitution”, “Down with dictatorship”, “Expulsion of the US” and “National reunification”.

Much upset by this, the military fascist junta proclaimed martial law to desperately kick up the discriminate crackdown racket with lots of riot police and armored vehicles involved, branding the people’s campaign as an illegal one. But in face of the stubborn action of the people they could not but make a promise to directly amend constitution and acquit those who related to the resistance.

The military fascist junta got a serious beating by the June popular resistance and the resistance shook the colonial ruling system of the US to its very foundation. The resistance proved that the united efforts of the popular masses are inexhaustible and they can surely meet their requirements when all patriotic and democratic forces of south Korea aspiring after independence and reunification struggle against dictatorial forces by their concerted efforts.

It is intolerable shame for the south Korean people that the desire of uprisers has not yet been realized, though 29 years have elapsed since the June popular resistance.

The present south Korean situation in which “yusin” dictatorship is revived and the daily mounting anti-“government” struggle of the people from all walks of life are reminiscent of the eve of the June popular resistance in 1987.

Their long-cherished desire, independence, democracy and reunification will surely come true only when the south Korean people launch intensive nationwide anti-government action with the spirit displayed by the June popular uprisers.   
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