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Unequaled patriot who preserved national character

South Korean people extol Chairman Kim Jong Il, who defended and glorified character of the Korean nation, to the skies.

An intellectual in Daegu spoke highly of north Korea where national culture and tradition are lively and went on:

In north Korea, Mausoleum of King Dangun, the father of the Korean nation, and Mausoleum of King Dongmyong, the founder of the Goguryeo dynasty, have been reconstructed splendidly and forefather’s remains are well preserved. Speaking of architecture, it has a style peculiar to the Korean nation and reflects national spirit. National customs are greatly encouraged by the state policy and the literature and art are developing according to a modern aesthetic sense on the basis of national tradition.

I witnessed the spirit of the Korean nation in Pyongyang.  

However, the lineage of homogeneous nation has been blurred by the influence of Yankee-style culture and Japanese customs and the tradition of national culture fades away in south Korea. 

North Korea has admirable heredity and culture of the nation, specific taste and aroma, a person living in Gwangju said after he had visited Pyongyang.  

A professor of historical science stated that north Korea adorned modern history of the nation brilliant with the august name of the sun with glory and corrected the distorted national history. He was deeply impressed by north Korea’s strenuous efforts and sincere approach towards preservation of national character.

Gay folk song, folk dance of north Korea are graceful and dignified, evoking national feeling. The art of north Korea has a vivid Juche character and national character and it is a genuine art with the soul of national independence, a literary man noted. 

A journalist in Seoul affirmed that good preservation of cultural heritage alive with the national spirit is attributable to fruition of judicious leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il. 

He continued that Kim Jong Il protected the national soul and Juche character in the face of highhanded policy of the imperialists with his unique Songun-based leadership when some nations gave up socialism by the influence of “globalization” and sold off their national dignity for the sake of money. Thanks to him, national dignity of today is guaranteed and rosy future of the nation is in state.

A university professor in Busan told his friends, listening to north Korean song “My Country Is Best” with them.

The song greatly impresses me with the national pride and self-confidence.

The song awakens the south Korean people to value their own things and live in their senses as the national spirit dwindles away in south Korea by domination and cultural poisoning of the foreign forces.

The song deals a blow at the political climate of south Korea in which national nihilism and flunkeyism are rampant.

Thanks to leadership of Kim Jong Il, good conception of national excellence and their own way is ubiquitous in north Korea and national heritage could be well preserved.   

A member of the National Arts Institution of south Korea said north Korea is the land alive with inherent and excellent heritage of the Korean nation.

I got the true meaning of motherland through the marvelous reality of north Korea. North Korea, the homeland of Juche the world people are envious of and a bulwark of independence, is a genuine motherland, a cradle of happiness and great bosom that the nation entrusts their destiny to it, a freelancer asserted.

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