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Unequaled Patriot

Chairman Kim Jong Il is eternal as he led the cause of socialism to victory by making titanic contributions on behalf of humankind. He has been praised as the most outstanding leader and great sage of the revolution.   

Regarding accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered by President Kim Il Sung as his lifelong mission, he made undying achievements at the van of the revolution and construction, performing great feats to be always remembered by the nation and history.

He formulated the revolutionary idea of the President as Kimilsungism to provide a powerful ideological weapon for the independence cause of popular masses and the victorious advance of the socialist cause.

He propounded unique ideas and theories to lighten the road to socialism and encouraged his people to perform miracle with his rare insight and organizing ability.

He built the people-centered socialism in which people are masters of everything and everything serves them.

His field guidance was the long journey for the sake of the people unprecedented in the world history

 It is his greatest exploits that he provided a sure guarantee for peace in the Korean Peninsula and put the DPRK on the position of a military power recognized by the world in the face of the harshest ordeals and difficulties ever known in history.

The greatest feat among the ones the Chairman performed is that he gave perfect solution to the issue of succession to the leadership, a key question in accomplishing the cause of the revolution.

Human history knows many famous persons but no one except Chairman Kim Jong Il who led the cause of socialism to victory and passed on a precious revolutionary heritage with great vitality.
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