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Unhealed pain

 A few days ago, a memorial ceremony was held to respect memory of two girls who had been killed by a US armored vehicle on 13, June, 2002 20 years ago with the participation of the civic organizations and religionists.


Two schoolgirls killed by a US armored car


4000 people took part in a meeting to look back upon the memory of two girls in Seoul.

They shouted slogans carrying hand placards “let’s remove imbalanced south Korea-US bonds” and “south Korea is not a war base for the US”.

Young people made a performance denouncing the GIs’ crimes in south Korea and the lopsided south Korea-US relationship with candle of peace and independence, while shouting “sovereignty” and “peace” outside the US embassy in Seoul.

The laborers hardened their resolves to lead the struggle for reestablishment of the unequal south Korea-US ties, shouting the slogans “independence against the US”.


In demand of independence against the US


Dissolve the unequal south Korea-US relationship!

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