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Uninterrupted Struggle

     The prospect for policy of president-elect Yun Seok-yol and the People’s Power Party is dim.

Their commitments of diplomacy and security are replica of the past conservative regimes.

Rebuilding of south Korea-US alliance, strengthening of south Korea-US joint military game, additional deployment of THAAD and preemptive strike on north Korea are extremely dangerous and reckless provocation to bedevil inter-Korean ties and unleash war in the Korean Peninsula.

Something would happen because of political novice Yun. Yun and the PPP intend to disturb peace and break out a war in the Korean Peninsula, broad strata of south Korean people commented.   

It is as clear as daylight if rash acts of the prosecution and warmongers, the descendants of fascist dictatorship, are overlooked.

It is an urgent time to wage a unwavering struggle against Yun and the PPP.

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