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Unrelenting Candlelight Resistance

South Korean people launched a massive campaign for eradicating evils of the former conservative regime, reforming the society and achieving peace of the Korean Peninsula in various parts of south Korea on Oct. 28 on the lapse of one year since the popular resistance broke out to oust Park Geun-hye.

There was a “meeting marking the first anniversary of the candlelight actions” under the sponsorship of the memorial committee of the people’s emergency action for ousting the Park Geun-hye regime at the Gwanghwamun Plaza in Seoul.

Prior to the meeting, there were various events like rally, press conference, signature campaign and artistic activities in different parts of Seoul.

The Confederation of Trade Unions organized a “workers’ meeting for making a world without irregular jobs” at the Gwanghwamun Plaza.

The candlelight action last year was the action to change workplaces and lives for the workers, however, the rights of the part-time workers is lamentable though master of the Cheongwadae was replaced, they said. 

They urged the south Korean authorities to abolish the part-time jobs and provide the rights to trade unions activities and three-point labor rights.

Timed to coincide with that event, youth and students organizations held rallies urging the regime to provide the youngsters with jobs and residence.

A youth organization called a press conference in Seoul at which they demanded suffrage of the youth and students.

The South Korean Federation of University Students in the 21st Century and the University Consultative Council for Democracy and Independent Reunification sponsored a rally of university students calling for inheriting the spirit of the candlelight actions in front of the Sejong Cultural Hall.

The South Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration held a rally and sit-in strike criticizing Trump’s visit to south Korea.

Various social organizations held a rally near the Gwanghwamun Plaza demanding the eradication of evils in media field and the building of a society based on equality free from all sorts of discrimination.

There was a mammoth rally of sixty thousands of people of various circles in Seoul and from across south Korea at the Gwanghwamun Plaza to mark the first anniversary of the candlelight actions.

Participants expressed their will to carry on their candlelight actions and bring about a new world, chanting slogans.

Ten thousands of citizens gathered at Youido of Seoul for a rally.

They shouted slogans “Arrest Lee Myung-bak and eradication of evil practices”, while censuring the Kookmin Party following the policy of the Liberty Korea Party and the Bareun Party.

Similar events also took place in Gwangju, Changwon of South Gyeongsang Province and other provinces.

The victory of candlelight action goes to prove that the dishonest force swimming against the public feeling and situation is bound to meet a miserable end and no force can arrest the advance of people united with justice and truth. 

The candlelight resistance ousted Park, however, the people’s desire for a new politics, a new world, a new life has not been realized.

The current situation shows that the candlelight action will be intensified.

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