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Unremitting Drive

South Korean people from all social strata carry on a resolute struggle in protest against treacherous moves of the Yoon Seok-yeol group.

Some days ago, several civil organizations held rallies in demand of abolition of the National Security Law, dismantlement of the National Intelligence Service and in protest against the NIS’s fabrication of spy case to bridge over ruling crisis.

The NIS declared another spy case after detaining some progressive activists and branded the innocent people as the spies without a fair trial, they charged the NIS.

The Yoon regime is the worst one in history that has been absorbed in contemplation that it would do anything for the sake of its interests. The notorious NIS and heinous regime put democracy into reverse. The NIS goes back to the dictatorship during which it extracted mendacious confession through physical and spiritual torture, they noted.

The investigation should be halted, the NSL has been branded as an infamous anti-human rights law in the world, we will launch a vigorous action and not step back even an inch, we will punish the Yoon clique and let us wage an unflinching struggle, they said.

Meantime, the Youth Student Headquarters of the South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration held a general meeting in condemnation of anti-national moves of the Yoon gentry. It adopted a resolution calling for a strong action for peace against war.    The New Year has come, however, dark clouds of a war hang over the Korean Peninsula, the resolution said. It flailed Yoon for pushing the Korean Peninsula into the war with his hostile policy toward north Korea, while leaning on south Korea-US alliance.

The Yoon group, which is steeped in enmity toward north Korea, poses a threat to the people’s lives and safety by disturbing the public security with fabrication of spy case and suppression of pro-north Korean elements.

Time is ripe for the students to take action and it called for the students to scrap the Yoon regime’s hostile policy toward north Korea through an intense action for peace against war.

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