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US Occupation of South Korea Should Be Ended

It has been 78 years since the US army occupied south Korea.

On September 8, 1945, the US army set foot on south Korea in the guise of a “liberator”. On this day, south Korea was turned into a habitat for all misfortunes and sufferings.

The occupation of south Korea by US was not a liberation but a tragedy that reduced south Korea to a colony of US and forced it to division and war.

 From the first day of the occupation, the US slaughtered innocent people indiscriminately and plunged the Korean Peninsula to a war by igniting the Korean War. During the past seventy-odd years, an unprecedented fascist reign lasted under the manipulation of the US, and thus democracy and civil rights has been seriously trampled down in south Korea.

As a result, south Korea became a backward society of the 21st century.

South Korea has lost sovereignty, the right of wartime operation control to the US and the ability of self-support. It is the very country where only submission to the outside forces and foreign manners are rampant.

The USFK are hell-bent on large-scale arms buildup and war drills against north Korea, thus screwing up the situation.

Of recent, the US is compounding the danger of war by introducing nuclear strategic weapons into south Korea regardless of time.

History proves that peace and security of the Korean peninsula can never be guaranteed and the miseries and sufferings of people cannot disappear as long as the US forces remains in south Korea.

So the south Korean people are taking more intense action for peace against the US and war now.

They brand the US-south Korea joint military drill as a grave maneuver for a preemptive attack on north Korea and strongly demand suspension of it.

Such slogans as “Stop the US-south Korea joint military drill inviting a war!”, “Scrap the hostile policy toward north Korea!”, “Opposition to the unequal military alliance!” and “US out!” are cried out in different parts of south Korea.

Nevertheless, the US turns a blind eye to the request of the Korean nation and the traitorous clique of south Korea persistently implore the US to stay forever.

What is worse, they committed a folly to increase the funds needed for the occupation of the USFK, not satisfied with carrying out north Korea-targeted war drill with the US.

It is an urgent and unanimous will of the Korean nation to drive out the US and pro-American traitors.

The whole Korean nation should turn out in the struggle to put an end to the occupation of south Korea by the US and drag down the traitorous Yoon clique from power.

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