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US should formulate a policy toward the DPRK

 Some south Korean politicians have claimed that the Biden administration and the south Korean authorities should devise their hostile policies toward north Korea from different standpoint, south Korean media outlets said.

The Biden administration’s pressure upon north Korea will never reduce north Korea into submission, north Korea is a nuclear weapons state so “nuclear program renouncement first” is infeasible, the US should issue war-end declaration on the Korean Peninsula and start dialogue for peace treaty before making a demand for first action on north Korea, they demanded. 

In order to mend frozen inter-Korean relations, the south Korean authorities should keep their “distance” with the US and accept north Korea’s request, they stated.   

The south Korea-US joint military war exercise adds fuel to the tensions on the Korean Peninsula, it would be of valuable help to establish a climate for repairing inter-Korean ties, if the south Korean authorities made public their official stand on suspension of the joint war game with the US.

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